After leaving Boston just over two weeks ago, and over 4,000 miles later, Kim and I are back west. We never thought that we’d spend nearly a decade in Boston, but, as often happens, life took over — we made friends, enjoyed our careers and took advantage of living on the east coast.

We’re excited to be back on the west coast, closer to family and friends, where the sun sets over the ocean (as god intended) and the summer heat is dry!

Now that you’ve seen the photos, here’s our road trip by the numbers:

  • Miles driven: 4,054
  • Gallons of gas: 146
  • States visited: 13
  • Friends and family visited: 10
  • Sketchy motel stays: 5
  • National parks visited: 4
  • Auto repairs: 1
  • Subway sandwiches consumed: Too many!

Boston to Seattle


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