5 thoughts on “Valencia, Spain

  1. Tom Barden says:

    Wow, you have taken some really stunning pictures of the architecture, I think I need to get myself over to Spain to explore the streets and take picture sof the buildings! I saw some other posts on your blog, it’s really nice, very inspiring :D My fave picture on this post is the 8th from the top left to right, beautiful structures!

  2. none of the fish market?
    ah valencia! the prettiest city in the world.. excellent pics that bring back many memories.. however, i think you should take this post down as we dont want the secret of Valencia let out and ruined by mass tourism! a lovely place.

  3. Wow. Beautiful photos! Thanks for looking at my blog and for liking one of my posts. You have a great eye, and I am thrilled to find your blog and follow it. billyeats.com

  4. I’m so glad you like “In search of unusual destinations”. As for your blog: excellent! You’ve visited quite a few places that gets my heart racing. All good wishes, for 2013. Phil.

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